Local December 29, 2011 | 5:20 am

New judges sworn in

Santo Domingo.-Without defined headquarters and with several vacancies, the National Councilof Magistrates (CNM) swore in the judges who will serve in the country’s HighCourts.

The swearing-inceremony was headed by the president of the republic and of the CNM, LeonelFernández, who called on the new judges, especially those of the ConstitutionalCourt (TC) and those of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) to promote ademocratic, social and lawful State, as well as to strengthen the supremacy ofthe Constitution and guarantee the full enjoyment of these basic rights.

He said that if this wereachieved, democracy in the Dominican nation would be consolidated and wouldserve as a model for Latin America and the rest of the world.

He called on theSuperior Electoral Court (TSE) judges to ensure participation and the pluralityof the political forces with a sense of equity according to the Law.

In response toquestions from several sectors that the selection of the members of the High Courtmembers had been shared between himself and the president of the PRD MiguelVargas Maldonado, the President simply said:

“I am not going toexpress an opinion on the matter, because as the president of the NationalMagistrates Council I have acted like a judge, and judges only speak throughsentences”.

The presidentinformed that the CNM would be meeting in January to fill the existingvacancies, which include the space left by the former president of the SCJ JorgeSubero Isa, who resigned, as well as the alternate post for TSE titular judge José ManuelHernández Peguero.

The new TSEpresident Mariano Rodríguez, Constitutional Court president Milton Ray Guevaraand Supreme Court president Mariano Germán made brief speeches, all saying thatthey would do all within their powers to work effectively and do their best to fulfill the responsibility that theauthorities and society have placed in their hands.

Milton Ray Guevara alsoasked for a little patience as his is a new Court that is starting fromscratch.

Rodríguez asked Godand the Virgin of Altagracia to illuminate the TSE judges to do a good job andhonor the country, and German promised to provide continuity to the workstarted in the SCJ at the service of the Dominican nation.