Local December 29, 2011 | 7:07 am

Police steps up presence for New Year

Santo Domingo.-The National Police chief informed yesterday that the police presence in areaswhere alcoholic drinks are sold and served would be increased, as part ofthe measures for the fourth phase of the “2011 Safe Christmas” operation.

The law and order institutionlaunched the operation in early December, increasing preventive patrols in thecountry’s main cities.

Major General José Armando PolancoGómez said that the police had mobilized their agents nationwide to guarantee thatthe year-end celebrations proceed in a peaceful manner.

He stressed that the operation hadreduced criminal and violent acts over the holiday period so far.

Agents are posted on mainthoroughfares and commercial centers, with the aim of protecting peopledoing their Christmas shopping. The National Police chief commended the public forthe good behavior displayed during this year’s Christmas celebrations.