Local December 30, 2011 | 5:23 am

DEA seizes dead pilot’s planes

San Juan,Puerto Rico.- The United States Federal Drug Enforcement Administrationconfiscated seven planes that belonged to a pilot murdered in theDominican Republic earlier this month, Santos Seda Rodríguez. The seven planesinclude one intercepted by the Dominican authorities in Las AmericasInternational Airport with a cocaine consignment on board, shortly before the pilot was found murdered.

The DEAalso confiscated nine vehicles, including a mobile home, several buses andthree boats belonging to Seda Rodríguez.

The DEA’s Pedro J Janer said that K-9 drug dogs had detected controlled substancesin all of the vehicles, planes and boats, and that it was now up to the owners toprove that they had not been used for drug trafficking.

SedaRodríguez was found dead on the roadside between Higüey and La Romana onDecember 19. The authorities say he was beaten and shot in the neck. The drugswere found in his plane at the airport one day earlier, which was why he wasbeing pursued by the Dominican authorities.