Local December 30, 2011 | 4:11 am

New District Prosecutor will work round the clock

SantoDomingo.- The newly-appointed District Prosecutor for Santo Domingo YennyBerenice Reynoso was sworn into her post yesterday, stating that shewould make no promises but that her deeds would speak louder than her words.

Shesaid she was conscious of the great responsibility that lies on her shoulders.She announced her intention to work round the clock to combat “the perversetriangle of organized crime” that consists of drug trafficking, gangs and moneylaundering, because these activities have no set working hours.

“Isay that crime doesn’t have working hours, criminals don’t have working hoursand the prosecutor doesn’t have working hours either”, she stated.

Shesaid she would do all that is needed to turn the National District ProsecutorOffice into an institution of excellence, adding she had a commitment to God,her family, her principles and to the Legal System.

AttorneyGeneral Radhamés Jiménez said that a recruitment process would be conducted toselect her replacement as District Prosecutor for Santiago, open to all career AssistantProsecutors and all with the necessary qualifications.