Local December 30, 2011 | 4:15 am

Rare genetic disease affects children in Dominican Republic

SantoDomingo.- A gene mutation disease known as neurodegenerative dystonia firstdetected among children in the southern Dominican Republic has spread with morecases reported countrywide.

Noted neurologist Dr. Pedro Roa says he has carried out research with a team offoreign specialists and is organising a prevention and genetic counsellingprogram.

He said the program would target people with a higher risk of genetic mutationleading to the development of the illness which inhibits people’s movements.

Dr. Roa was interviewed as he took part in a meeting organised by the JuanManuel Taveras Foundation, where wheelchairs were given to children who livewith the condition.

He said that cases have been gradually reported in the Cibao region, SantoDomingo, San Cristobal and in the East.

He said it is important to have a test, still unavailable in the country, todetect the condition early in order to prevent future cases in children who arethe offspring of two carriers of the genetic mutation.