Local February 14, 2011 | 12:28 pm

Russian, Italian mafias take root, Dominican official warns

Santo Domingo.- The President?s Adviser on narcotics warned Monday that real mafias are taking root in Dominican Republic, whose society has been neglectful by ignoring their mechanisms and presence, calling the recent executions of local and foreign citizens, their ?simple tertiary manifestations.?

Marino Vinicio Castilo said when Russian and Italian mafias buy beach and coastal properties; everyone knows what that?s about. ?Those are spaces which they are taking, territories independent of the political, social or economic spaces that they are being charged for, and that?s the dangerous part.?

Interviewed in the Colorvision program Hoy Mimso, the official said that although the battle to eradicate those groups hasn?t been lost, called the social medium?s organic weakness dangerous. ?That?s truly dangerous, when they are allowed to enter licit spaces and command situations of their interest and don?t abandon their habits because they are neither saints nor sanctified. Those who think that they?re going to change their nature based on ?going legit? are simply mistaken.?

Even so Castillo urged the authorities to continue confronting the mafias.