Local June 23, 2011 | 7:54 am

Police bust airport highway robbers

Santo Domingo.- The National Police has dismantled a gang of thieves who targeted passengers returning to the country via Las Americas International Airport.

According to the police report, the gang used hire cars to intercept the passengers on the highway from the airport.

The authorities named the ringleaders as Bruno Nolasco and Kelvin Sena, who were arrested in a police raid in the Santo Domingo East neighborhood of El Almirante.

One of the gang’s victims was Mrs. Gladys Espinosa Fresa, 42, who was robbed of three suitcases containing clothing, gifts and thousands of dollars. They also stole her hand luggage with her travel documents, perfume, cell phones and other items.

The police authorities believe the gang was responsible for a series of similar robberies that targeted returning air passengers traveling on the Las Americas Highway. They are searching for more gang members in the neighborhoods of El Almirante, Valiente and La Caleta.