Local July 5, 2011 | 2:13 pm

It’s corruption that has Dominicans on their knees, prelate says

Santo Domingo.- Parish priest Fray Santiago Batista said Tuesday that more than the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it’s corruption and the social exclusion of most Dominicans which keeps the country at its knees.

“The people are depressed because they have placed their hopes on its governments and has seen other things instead,” the prelate said in a mass to mark the 50th anniversary of the opposition PRD party’s arrival.

He said there’s still time for president Leonel Fernandez to eradicate the virus of corruption and confront it with valor and transparency.

The Las Mercedes parish (Colonial Zone) said the country lives under a hurricane on vicissitudes from the economic difficulties of its citizens. “We want a new face in Dominican politics.”

Batista deplored the recently approved package of new taxes, which in his view jeopardize the poor directly.

He urged Fernandez to apply austerity by reducing the number of ministers and vice ministers, that he called excessive and that many spend taxpayers’ money unnecessarily.