Local July 8, 2011 | 8:22 am

Dominican authorities nab Haitian fugitives during document checks

Santo Domingo.- Immigration inspectors, Army soldiers and Police agents yesterday detained dozens of undocumented Haitians who traveled from the east region to the National District on different vehicles, mostly buses.

The checks began 7 a.m. in the Las Americas highway and ended after 10 a.m., as inspectors and soldiers registered all buses that entered the capital from the East, which snarled traffic for hours, although Immigration spokesman Ambiorix Rosario said that it was from a vehicle which broke down, and not because of the chekcs.

When inspectors entered the buses and asked the Haitians for their ID, if they were in order, they weren’t bothered, but dozens of them that didn’t were escorted onto buses to clearing centers.

The authorities told newspaper Listin that they were also looking for several Haitian fugitives who escaped Haitian jails during the January 2010 quake and are hiding in the country.

In that regard, Police spokesman Máximo Báez said the checks of documents have led to arrest of several fugitives.