Local January 4, 2012 | 11:50 am

Senator refutes reports, says he didn’t announce a tax reform

Santo Domingo.- The President of the Senate’s Treasury Commission affirmed Wednesday that Congress doesn’t have any intention or plans to embark on a tax reform as some media reported.

Senator Tommy Galan said his statement regarding the government’s introduction of a tax reform initiative was the following: “I simply proposed that according to the knowledge and information which I have is that the government doesn’t have any intention to submit a Tax Reform Project to Congress.”

The San Cristóbal lawmaker said that far from affirming it “what we did was to reject that the Congress would embark on a discussion with no Tax Reform planned.”

“And I indicated” Galan said, “that it was difficult to think that because it wouldn’t be sensible nor prudent that within the framework of a national elections process , where passions overflow and Congress is conformed in fact by the protagonists of those political struggles, that it was difficult for initiatives of this type to be discussed and analyzed.”

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