Local January 10, 2012 | 4:56 am

Haiti president prioritizes balance in Hispaniola

Port-au-Prince.- Haiti president Michel Martelly said Monday that his priority regarding Dominican Republic is to promote the balance between the two nations, for the island, and not just each country, to finally benefit in that process.

Quoted by news source listin.com.do, Martelly said just like the Dominican Government helps Haiti “maintain the balance” in the current relations on Hispaniola, in the same manner his government will look for that objective for the good of both countries. “Maintaining the balance between Dominican Republic and Haiti it is important.”

The Haiti chief executive, speaking after opening the new Haitian Parliament legislature, stressed the need for balance on the island citing as an example the cholera epidemic which killed nearly 7,000 people in his country, five times more than on the Dominican side. “If in Haiti we have a disease, this is not good for Dominican Republic”

Martelly and Dominican par Leonel Fernandez will simultaneous launch in Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo Wednesday, a plan to bolster their strategy against the epidemic that exploded in Haitian territory in mid October 2010.

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