Local January 11, 2012 | 5:16 am

Dominican Republic probes alleged extortion against UK company

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry’s Anti-Corruption Department (DPCA) subpoenaed Fulgencio Marcelo Abreu Villavizar for questioning at 9am next Tuesday, into the alleged extortion against the company Biwater International, which had to leave the country despite winning millions worth of aqueducts construction contracts.

“We have subpoenaed you in order to hear your version in relation to an investigation the Justice Ministry carries out in connection with the alleged extortion and bribe against British based companies in the country, and which according to the preliminary investigation you would have contributed so that one of them obtained contracts assigned by the INAPA (Aqueducts Agency) in 2001, during the management of the engineer Roberto Rodriguez” says the papers served on Abreu.


The investigation began after Ethics Commission president Marino Vinicio Castillo formally submitted the case of the London -based Biwater, to the DPCA.

“We’ve already adopted formal investigation measures, subpoenaing one of the people who are mentioned with documents that have been provided us, so he they explain what are the links he had with the then officials of INAPA, if he had them,” Bonilla said after receiving Castillo in his office, who went to deliver more documents reportedly related to the case.

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