Local January 12, 2012 | 7:36 am

Locals shakedown Puerto Rican traffickers with bogus cocaine, agency says

Santo Domingo.- The National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) revealed Thursday that a test for cocaine on nine of the 204 packages seized Tuesday at Caucedo Multimodal Port, before being shipped to Puerto Rico came back negative, which means that the bogus narcotics was a shakedown to the buyers in that island, by the ring which would’ve sent it

The DNCD said only 195 packages of the shipment came back positive for chlor-hydrate cocaine, weighing 202.2 kilos, and that nine other packages totaling 10.9 kilos didn’t test positive either, while the remaining five are being analyzed. “In four packages cocaine was not detected.”

In its statement, the DNCD didn’t reveal if other people have been arrested in the case, in addition to Nelson Fernandez Aquino, deported from the United States, the driver Waldi Miguel Bueno Almonte, and Johnson Ogando Peña and Juan Carlos Puntiel Sosa, for allegedly helping the ring gain access to the port, while a fifth individual is still on the loose.

“The finding of fake packages in that shipment reaffirms revelations done by the DNCD that narcotics traffickers continuously resort to altered narcotic to shakedown each other. That’s the results of the high price for cocaine in the market, caused by the constant blows given to the networks which commercialize narcotics.”

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