Local January 13, 2012 | 8:09 am

Agents bust Police Captain said to head drug trafficking ring

SANTO DOMINGO.- The National Control Drugs Agency (DNCD) arrested a National Police (PN) captain and four others Thursday night, accused of forming part of a drug trafficking network which sent heroin to Puerto Rico.

It said it seized 479 ready-to-ingest heroin capsules from the ring headed by the Police official, and identified the detainees as PN captain Luis Elpidio Rodriguez, whose commission was immediately cancelled by the Executive Branch; his brother Jose Alberto Rodriguez, Jose Luis Peña Hernandez, as well as the cousins Hilda Miguelina Pinales and Carolina Pinales Pereyra.

In a statement the DNCD added that the “group’s arrest was made possible after a work of follow up began on the group’s actions, mainly after sharing information with the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Administration),” regarding the alleged traffickers’ activities.

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