Local January 19, 2012 | 6:24 am

Students, teachers like 8-hour schooldays

HATO MAYOR, Dominican Republic. – School principals, teachers and students in eastern provinces of San Pedro and Hato Mayor yesterday hailed what they see as a positive impact of the Extended Day Pilot Program, from 8am to 4pm, which the Education Ministry launched at the start of the school year.

They say the Program’s 21 schools now have a dynamic capacity which benefits 8,629 students, obtaining an integral development model in the scholastic population. They’ve learned to optimize time, have improved the quality of the education and relations with each other, in addition to extracurricular activities such as learning other languages, handicraft and music classes, aside from saving money for the students’ families.

During a tour for the media hosted by the Education Ministry, the principals Jacinto Nolasco and Aníbal Julio Peguero called the Program an important “and very enriching” experience because of the effectiveness and advantage of the extended teaching time. They said they’ve worked closer with the children, especially with those who have some difficulty, and conduct workshops in the afternoons.

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