Local January 20, 2012 | 7:47 am

Port-au-Prince, Santo Domingo quash diplomatic incident

Santo Domingo.- Haiti Foreign Relations minister Laurent Lamothe yesterday stated his respect for ex Dominican president Juan Bosch, at the center of a diplomatic incident stemming from the use of his name in the library of the university which the Dominican government built and donated to Haiti in that country’s north region.

He said his government’s tribute country to Bosch’s memory, “for whom that the Haitian people have the highest respect,” just as for Jospeh Anténor Fimin, an intellectual born in Haiti, “symbol of life for all Haitian college students.”

Lamothe said he agrees with the decision by both governments to name the university library Juan Emilio Bosh Gaviño (1909 – 2001), the first democratically chosen Dominican Head of State, after the fall of the dictator Rafael L. Trujillo in 1961.

The statement from the Haiti Foreign Relations Ministry cited by news source listin.com.do refers to last week’s mishap shortly before the ribbon cutting for the university, located in Lemonade, 15 kilometers south of Cape Haitien, and which had Bosch’s name but didn’t figure next to Fimin’s in the library, as was initially announced.

Officials from both countries have resolved the incident by reiterating that the library will be named after the late Dominican leader and writer.

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