Local January 23, 2012 | 12:18 pm

Piglet packing politico says small group kidnapped his party

Santo Domingo.- The senator for Altagracia province on Monday denounced that a very small group which aims to ignore the desire of the majority has kidnapped the right-of-center PRSC party, of which he’s a prominent figure.

However Amable Aristy denied that he’s going to endorse the opposition PRD party candidate Hipólito Mejía, and affirmed that he’ll not attend next Sunday’s meeting of the PRSC Executive Commission, to prevent certifying something that in his view, the rank and file reject.

The veteran politico, who handed out piglets, cash and salamis to clamoring throngs as PRSC presidential candidate in 2010, said of the Executive Commission’s 13 members, 10 are on the government payroll, for which he isn’t thinking about legalizing a decision with an official tinge.

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