Local January 28, 2012 | 12:31 am

Candidate Guillermo Moreno calls to reject traditional parties

Santo Domingo.– Guillermo Moreno, the presidential candidate from the Country Alliance Party, called to reject the traditional political organizations, which rule without taking into account the welfare of the majority and the problems in education, health, production, employment, security and corruption.

Moreno considered the candidates from the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and from the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) are trying to convince the people that supporting a new political force would mean to waste vote.

During a TV appearance Moreno pointed out that "it is the other way around, because when you elect a traditional candidate it is the Dominican people that always lose."

He announced the beginning of a new electoral strategy with the slogan The Other Campaign, that will take him to all provinces in a crusade against money. "The traditional parties use millions to sell their lies, while this campaign we are using money earned legally," the Country Alliance Party candidate stated.

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