Local January 31, 2012 | 3:30 pm

After staging street show, feared union boss snubs interrogator

Santo Domingo.- Environment prosecutor Andres Chalas on Tuesday affirmed he’ll not interrogate the deputy and powerful union boss Juan Hubieres, after the lawmaker refuse to be questioned unless it was in the presence of the media.

The union leader was accompanied by drummers and a mobile disco to the interrogation in the Justice Ministry at the Centro de los Heroes, into damages caused by a land invasion.

The official said interrogations are conducted behind closed doors everywhere in the world and because of the refusal he’ll subpoena 20 people which the Environment Ministry charged jointly with Hubieres, to respond as accused.

When asked if he would try to interrogate Hubieres again, Chalas pledged to subpoena the union leader when the investigation concludes and the case sent to court on criminal charges. “That case is closed unless he wants to appear to give his statement again.”

For his part, Hubieres said since the town of Mount Plata elected him Deputy, his duty is to them, but asked for a “transparent” interrogation so they see that he’s innocent of the allegations against him. “If the prosecutor wants to interrogate me let him comes here where I’m with you, that I am willing to give declarations, but I will not let myself be interrogated if you are not present.”

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