Local February 4, 2012 | 10:45 am

Over 20 thousand work-related accidents reported last year

Santo Domingo.– The Labor Risks Administrators (ARL) last year received 22.120 reports of work-related accidents, 4.664 more than in 2010, when 17.456 accidents were reported.

According to arlss.gov.do, 20.531 reports were approved as work-related accidents, with 180 as fatal injuries, while 658 cases were refused and others wer not specified.

The report points out that 15.709 of these accidents occurred in the workplace, 4.659 on the way to work and 163 in neighboring places. In 1.589 cases the place was not specified.

Another relevant information is that 75% of those involved in accidents were men, ages 20 to 49, while 24.97% were women. Most of the employees involved in the accidents were working in production support areas, followed by lawyers and janitors.

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