Local February 7, 2012 | 9:57 am

Prominent entity also demands the Fist Lady leave her post

Santo Domingo.- The vice president and spokesman of the prominent Institutionalism and Foundation Justice (Finjus) on Monday said it would be healthful for the electoral process if the First Lady takes a leave of absence from her functions, and concentrate on her campaign.

Serbio Tulio Guzman said Margarita Cedeño’s leave of absence would also benefit the ruling PLD party’s vice presidential candidate herself.

He noted however that Finjus isn’t casting doubts as to the handling of taxpayers’ money assigned to the Office of the First Lady, and instead reiterated that it would be most advisable for the process as well as for her.

With Guzman’s statement Finjus joins a growing choir of voices which demand Cedeño take a leave of absence.

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