Local February 16, 2012 | 11:58 am

Internal bickering shrivels once powerful party

SANTO DOMINGO.- The once powerful right of center PRSC party is shriveling amid internal bickering, pitting prior presidential candidate Amable Aristy and surging Ito Bisono against its president Carlos Morales and deputies and stalwarts Ramon Rogelio Genao and Marino Collante, who said Thursday that the senior leaders opposed to the alliance with the ruling PLD party are "the true gravediggers of the PRSC."

He said those who refused to choose the party’s presidential candidate in March last year are also those who propose a selection now and are against the alliance with any other political party.

"In 2008 the party was handed to the candidate Amable Aristy when it was at 19% according to a Gallup poll but returned it at 4.5%, “and now with the collective effort and despite losses we took the party to 6.6% and recovered its majority category," the lawmaker said, interviewed on the program Diario Libre A.M.

Yesterday Aristy threatened not to campaign for the PRSC’ candidate, the ruling party’s Danilo Medina, complaining that Morales didn’t have the authority to stage the convention that tapped the alliance candidate;

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