Local February 17, 2012 | 11:44 am

Journalist harshens First Lady bank account allegation

SANTIAGO.- The journalist Marcos Martinez on Friday harshened his allegation that first lady Margarita Cedeño has €43 million account in a Danish bank by stating that if fact, the amount is 76 million Euros, and acknowledged her right to file slander charges against him.

“She’s the First Lady and is obliged to strongly clarify to the Dominican electorate my denunciation’s veracity or lack thereof, because she’s the vice presidential candidate and she’s placed under the scrutiny of public opinion and of the voters whom she seeks the support from,” Martinez said after ending his program in a local channel in Santiago.

He challenged Cedeño to present documents to debunk his assertion because in his view, she’s not exempt from questioning. “I am not going to feel fear, we’re in a State of Law and I don’t campaign for money either.”

Martinez advised the First Lady to send an emissary to the Danish bank and obtain a certification that she has nothing to do with that account “and, if so, we wouldn’t have to go to any trial because I’ll immediately condemn myself.”

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