Local March 5, 2012 | 12:19 pm

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Malecon monument “vandalism” stirs the political campaign

Santo Domingo.- The ruling PLD party’s members in the National District City Council and its allies today called vandalism the incident in which a group a of the opposition PRD party went Saturday to the monument popularly known as the female obelisk on the Malecon, where the publicity of the Office of the First Lady was painted over with white.

Council president Winny Terreo rebuked the action and called it an aggression stemming from the PRD’s desperation, “since the numbers of the surveys aren’t favoring them. It’s an aggression mechanism to draw attention.”

He said the regulation on exterior publicity only makes reference to commercial advertizing, and in his view the First Lady’s campaign is institutional, promoting values. “Right here there’s the ‘male obelisk’ also painted and they haven’t talked about that. This is an example of aggression which society must condemn, because with this it’s an extremely violent campaign they are beginning.”

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