Local March 13, 2012 | 9:46 am

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Another arrest in death of ex guerrilla fighter’s son

Santo Domingo.- The Police yesterday arrested a man who accompanied another known only as Bocho, accused of killing Claudio Francisco Caamaño, son the ex guerrilla fighter Claudio Caamaño.

Police however didn’t identify the detainee, who’s being interrogated b investigators.

Still being held is Maikel Miguel Valdez, 23, allegedly Bocho’s intended victim, in the tragedy, the result of their personal quarrels.

Yesterday the Police said appeared the gunman entered the colmado El Fenomeno, in the Peravia province town of Pizarrete, accompanied by another man identified only as " Petaka," to kill Maikel, but both fled after gunning down Caamaño instead.

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