Local March 19, 2012 | 10:23 am

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Strong winds shut down power to large part of the country

Santo Domingo.- The Electric Utility (CDEEE) reported that last night’s strong winds and downpours caused electricity failures in the country’s South and East regions yesterday.

It said the event was unleashed in the East zone with sudden outages of the power plants AES Andres and Los Mina, which cascaded to other plants including Itabo.

The CDEEE said an electrical discharge on the high tension cables destabilized the generators, which had to shut down their operations.

It said it immediately began restoring power to Greater Santo Domingo, the east and south regions. “We began restoring energy to the circuits by injecting backup power from the hydroelectrics, Palamara and La Vega, as well as the entrance of Los Mina V, until the return of the other generators which shut off suddenly."

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