Local March 21, 2012 | 2:46 pm

Mayor’s tribute to Mexican ex con roils City Hall

Santo Domingo.- The National District City Council upheld the “distinguished guest” recognition bestowed on Mexican singer Gloria Trevi last week, despite the rebuke by the council members of the opposition PRD party, who noted her conviction for trafficking with women, among other charges, for which she spent nearly three years in jail.

Consuelo Despradel, speaking for Council members Elin Rosario, Waldys Taveras, and Socorro Monegro, said Trevi lacks integrity and rebuked mayor Roberto Salcedo’s reasons to honor the performer. "The distinction is a shame for Dominican women and contrary to the milestones reached by the Councilwomen from 2010 to 2016.”

Meanwhile ruling PLD party Council members Tania Báez and Julian Roa said the mayor is legally allowed to grant the recognition via the administrative route, for which they support his decision.

Trevi was also charged with the corruption of a minor in her native country, and was a fugitive in Brazil for nearly one year.

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