Local March 28, 2012 | 10:40 am

Fernandez happy with effort for education, admits long way to go

Monte Plata, Dom. Rep. – President Leonel Fernandez on Tuesday said he’s satisfied with government spending in education and despite the long road still to travel, a quality education is what the Dominican people want.

Fernandez, speaking during the inaugural of a school built at a cost of RD$49.4 million in Bayaguana, said all the surveys find that the topic of education is always of top interest for citizens.

He said his Administration has not only allocated major funding for infrastructure, but has also been the only one to have forged agreements with Harvard and Columbia universities to bolster education.

Fernandez, who also cut the ribbon for an Economic Cafeteria in Sabana Grande de Boya built at a cost of more than RD$8.3 million, said information and communication technology was also introduced into the public school system during his three terms in office.

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