Local March 30, 2012 | 9:42 am

Ruling party defends beleaguered Senator

Santo Domingo.- The top echelons of Dominican Republic’s ruling party yesterday defended San Juan de la Maguana senator and president Leonel Fernandez close collaborator Felix Bautista, and rejected accusations voiced by the opposition party, PRD.

The document “17 lies of the PRD" read by PLD General Secretary Reinaldo Pared in a news conference states that Bautista, like no one in contemporary political history, “has been the object of such ruthless attacks to their moral integrity.”

It said aimed at destroying the lawmaker’s honor, the PRD also went as far as publishing documents on Web media and the press, loaded with lies and calumnies.

The PLD rebukes allegations that Bautista profited from the Sun Land sacandal, since the Government never obtained loans for works or funds from that construction company.

Accompanied by senior leaders Abel Martinez, Cesar Pina and Francisco Javier Garcia, Pared also defended the contracts which Bautista’s companies obtained in Haiti, and denied that he has bought a TV channel and an airplane.

The statement published as a paid advertising however, fails to explain how Bautista entered into the contracts and potential conflict of interest, despite being a Government Minister.

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