Local April 11, 2012 | 2:29 pm

Dominican Police drop the ball in slugger Guerrero assault case

BANÍ, Dominican Republic.- The Peravia Province office of the Prosecutor on Wednesday dismissed aggravated assault charges filed by a Police major against former Angels slugger Vladimir Guerrero, when it was learned that the official was under the effects of alcohol when the alleged brawl occurred.

After leavening the Prosecutor’s office, Guerrero only said he’ll hold a press conference to explain the details of the Monday night incident in the disco "El Punto" in nearby Nizao.

For his part, Police major Renato Peña, who allegedly cocked his pistol against the ballplayer, apologized for his part in the incident.

Guerrero’s release on Tuesday came just 30 minutes after being escorted there, accused by Police of assaulting Peña, commander of the Police Precinct at Nizao.

Police chief Jose Polanco on Tuesday said Guerrero, “just because he’s rich and strong, can’t go around doing what he feels like doing.”

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