Local April 11, 2012 | 11:39 am

Latest endorsements help opposition presidential candidate, DT poll

Santo Domingo.- Nearly half of DT readers believe that the latest endorsements from various personalities for opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia, , despite their questionable behavior, will help the former president’s bid to return to office.

When asked to “Rate the latest endorsements for candidate Mejia,” 43,854 readers chose the option “Good, could lead to a win, for 59.38% of the votes, while the response “They couldn’t be worse,” drew 22,742 votes, or 30.79%.

The option “Who cares I like the other guy, drew 7,156 votes, for 9.69%, while “So so, hard to say on votes” was chosen by 98 readers, or 0.13% of those who took part in the weekly unscientific survey.

The Easer break extended the poll for more than two weeks, which could explain the high number of votes.

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