Local April 13, 2012 | 9:32 am

Notorious ex Colonel calls alleged plot the Government’s “zaniness”

SANTO DOMINGO.- The notorious ex Army coronel Pedro Julio Goico (Pepe Goico) on Friday reacted curtly to the Haitian and Dominican governments’ accusations that he conspires against Michel Marterlly.

The Government has "37 days of zaniness left,” Goico told news source diariolibre.com, in reference to the May 20 presidential elections.

He said the allegation is linked to the electoral process, but didn’t respond when asked if the audio which government officials provided Thursday is his voice, or if it might have been altered.

Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales and Haiti Justice minister Michel Brunache revealed the details of the alleged conspiracy against Martelly in a hastily convened press conference in the Hotel Santo Domingo Thursday night.

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