Local April 19, 2012 | 12:27 pm

Senior leader challenges opposition party president on alleged murder plot

Santo Domingo.- A senior coordinator for opposition PRD party candidate Hipólito Mejia’s presidential campaign today advised the entity’s president Miguel Vargas to clarify the denunciation by four of its deputies on an alleged plot to kill him.

Rafael Subervi Bonilla said there’s a perception that the Government “has let millions loose” to stoke a dirty campaign against his party.

In a press conference, the political leader even cited allegedly secret meetings between legislators close to the PRD president with government officials, in which Vargas himself took part. “The situation must be clarified, otherwise people’s perception of money and secret meetings would remain as a real fact."

Subervi said the Government resorts to a dirty campaign and tapping telephones because of Mejía’s widening lead.

Vargas could speak soon

Vargas spokesman Nelson Marte announced today that the PRD president has nothing to say on the scandal for now, but will do so in due time.

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