Local April 25, 2012 | 12:52 pm

Flooded streets from downpours spark protests, snarl traffic

SANTIAGO. – The downpours of the last 24 hours have drenched several towns of Santiago province, flooding streets schools in the communities Licey and Tamboril, where the Licey river breached its banks.

The floodwaters have damaged houses and businesses, forcing inhabitants from the east part of the province to flee to higher ground. Some blame part of their calamity on a bridge they affirm was incorrectly built at Santiago’s North Bypass avenue.

Residents in the district Las Palomas, Limonal, Monte Adentro and Pontezuela, among others say the rising waters stem from a bridge which they believe acts as a dam.

Despite the downpours, residents took to the streets to protest by torching tires to demand that the authorities solve the problem. The protests snarled traffic on the Duarte highway yesterday afternoon, between Santiago and Licey.

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