Local May 2, 2012 | 3:43 pm

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Activist priest says order is needed at the border

Ranchadero, Guayubín, D.R.- Over 1,000 migrant workers of all the Northwest line’s banana plantation affiliated with the Migrant Workers Association (Asomilin) stated their interest in the formation of a Binational Commission of Local Authorities, to bolster the interagency ties along the North border and the entire country, and to define a Border Law which guarantees order for merchants and residents in general in the 14 cross border markets.

Speaking to mark International Labor Day on May 1, Frontier Solidarity (SF) director the priest Regino Martinez said the catholic which accompanies Asomilin demands that the Dominican authorities enforce Dominican laws, to secure order along the border.

“The trafficking with people, rampant shakedowns, the toll on food items which are later confiscated from Dominicans or Haitians and in many occasions resold to the public in Santiago and Ouanaminthe, because there is no official will to solve these actions which violate human rights,” Martinez said in an emailed statement.

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