Local May 2, 2012 | 9:18 am

Candidates keep CNN en Español’s proposed debate on hold

Santo Domingo.- The televised debate proposed by CNN’s Spanish network CNN en Español between Dominican Republic’s main presidential candidates’ has yet to be confirmed by the ruling PLD and opposition PRD parties.

PLD Campaign chief Francisco Javier Garcia said they would discuss with CNN the conditions to stage the debate, and respond to the invitation sent via Presidency chief of staff Cesar Pina Toribio. “Once we discuss the conditions we’ll let it *their decision) be known via the media."

He said his party sought a debate but the PRD candidate Hipólito Mejía didn’t want to participate.

PRD campaign chief Cesar Cedeño said although they favor any debate, in this case cautions that the factor of timing is key. “We agree with all the debates, what we doubt is that there’s time to organize it. Our agenda is filled until May 22."

CNN sent the invitation April 24, just five days after the debate proposed by the national young business leaders grouped in the ANJE was cancelled, despite having the support of the powerful media group Corripio. ANJE’s proposal included using CNN en Español as the moderator.

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