Local May 18, 2012 | 9:54 am

Company slapped RD$7.0M fine for tourism enclave fuel spill

Baní, Dominican Republic.- The Environment Ministry yesterday accused the company Ciramar International Trading for the Monday night fuel spill at the estuary Las Calderas Bay (south), which alarmed environmental and community groups of the tourist town Salinas.

It said Ciramar spilled the fuel along 500 meters of beach, polluting a large part of the bay and harming its tourist attractions and the hundreds of aquatic and land species in the ecologically protected area, part of the Bani Dunes and Caldera Bay Natural Monument.

Environment regional director Francisco Flores Chang said despite that Ministry technicians who toured the mangroves found no damages to the swamps, Ciramar will be fined around 200 minimum wages (nearly RD$7.0 million) for negligence and violating environmental norms which led to the spill confirmed 7pm Tuesday.

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