Local May 19, 2012 | 8:19 am

Six candidates eye Dominican Republic’s presidential office

Santo Domingo.– Even though the electoral race will be among six presidential candidates, only two of them have chances of becoming the next Dominican President, when registered voters cast their ballots tomorrow Sunday, May 20.

Ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) candidate Danilo Medina, 60, and His opponent, Hipólito Mejía, 71, of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) will face Guillermo Moreno (Alianza País), Eduardo Estrella (Dominicans for Change), Max Puig (Alliance for Democracy) and Julian Serulle (Frente Amplio).

The majority of recent polls suggests Medina is poised to win with more than the 50 percent necessary to avoid a run-off election next month.

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