Local May 31, 2012 | 7:34 am

Foreign laborer law pits businesses, Immigration Agency

SANTO DOMINGO.- Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD) asked the Government to delay enforcement of the rules to recruit foreign laborers which takes effect Friday, for which they’ll meet with Immigration director José Ricardo Taveras in the Dominican Agro Board (JAD) 11am today.

AIRD president Ligia Bonetti de Valiente noted that the implementation would “obviously” disrupt productive activities.

She said though order is needed, suggests postponing the regulation one month instead and if possible, implement it gradually, "especially in areas and regions with higher incidence of foreign labor."

She said the application jeopardizes the micro, small and medium-sized farms and real estate project developers, who consider it an additional cost per foreigner,, including the passport, visa, and the medical and no-criminal record certificates.

Bonetti also noted some of these aspects, such as the no-criminal record certificate, is difficult to implement for Haitian nationals, and cites as an example that country’s internal crisis. “This would allow, in addition, for Immigration to better respond to requirements that will arise to legalize a foreigner.”

Immigration responds

"We cannot apply such a delay since we don’t have the autonomy to do so. We can only enforce the punitive aspect especially the levying of the fines,” Taveras said Thursday morning on Channel 9.

“Postponing the enforcement is dangerous because Dominican society has been demanding this regulation and the business sector itself has promoted it.”

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