Local June 5, 2012 | 8:35 am

Electoral Board seeks probe into alleged paramilitary groups

Santo Domingo.- The Central Electoral Board yesterday filed two criminal complaints in the ministries of Justice and of the Armed Forces, aimed at launching an investigation into the alleged formation of paramilitary groups to disrupt the polling on election day, and the attempted sabotage in the transmission of election results.

JCE president Roberto Rosario said the authorities were given the names of those who formed paramilitary groups and the IP addresses from where the sabotage was attempted.

He said although most members of paramilitary groups are retired, some are on active duty, who‘ll be questioned by the Armed Forces Ministry.

The official also said the JCE had contracted Prolexic, a company specialized in Web security, and which he affirms successfully countered attempts to hack the Informatics Center. He said investigators have all the IP addresses from where the attempted sabotage was launched.

Interviewed by listin.com.do, Rosario added that the formation of paramilitary groups was the most serious event which occurred during the last elections. "What alerted the JCE authorities were the statements from ex National Police chief retired general Pedro de Jesus Candelier, who said he had armed men at his disposal who would be in charge of security in the polling stations."

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