Local June 5, 2012 | 4:04 pm

Probe into paramilitary, computer hacking during polls confirmed

SANTO DOMINGO.- National District prosecutor Yeni B. Reynoso revealed Tuesday that several people are under investigation, accused allegedly forming paramilitary groups to disrupt the voting process during the May 20 elections.

The official said also under investigation are those responsible for an attempted sabotage of the transmission of the polling results launched from another country.

"We are investigating several people, that has just arrived," the prosecutor said after an interview oni Telesistema, Channel 11. "In an investigation I can’t say much because if I say five, tomorrow may be 10."

The announcement comes just hours after Central Electoral Board president Roberto Rosario revealed that investigators were given the names of those in the alleged paramilitary groups, and the IP computer addresses of the source of the attempted sabotage of the transmission of the polling results.

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