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Substitute judge releases 5 charged with title fraud

Santo Domingo.- A substitute judge is once again at the center of scandal, as the National District 6th Instruction Court yesterday ruled to release five defendants accused of being part of a ring of counterfeiters of deeds of property including military assigned to the Real Estate Jurisdiction and employees.

Judge Vladimir Rosario Garcia ordered the immediate release of Francisco Antonio Medina, Angela Mundaray, Oliver Manuel Fiallo, Carlos Manuel Vasquez and Edwin Omar Sanchez, after calling the group’s prosecution inadmissible.

The judge ordered a halt to any restrictive actions and the return of properties seized during the investigation, and sent four to stand trial.

Edwin Baquero, Ricardo Mota, Henry Melenciano, Walter Lendor and Geovanny Santana will face criminal proceedings with 50 pieces of evidence submitted against them, among document and testimonies. Of the group of 10 one was released on one million peso bond.

The Prosecution called the group part of a ring which forged deeds of property titles and former District Attorney Alejandro Moscoso and former National titles registrar Wilson Gomez revealed that Lendor was an employee of the Property Jurisdiction and Santana, an auditor in the Supreme Court, who’ve been fired for providing logistical support to the counterfeiters who then swindled several people our of tens of millions of pesos.

According to the indictments, the ring forged the signatures of notaries and pilfered documents and public information, with the help of judiciary officials.

The forged documents include those from the National Property Administration (BN), National Housing Bank (BNV), Internal Taxes (DGII) and Presidential decrees.

SOURCE elnacional.com.do

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