Local June 20, 2012 | 1:53 pm

“Considerable” faults in major power plant means more blackouts

Santo Domingo. – One of the country’s major power companies on Wednesday announced that considerable faults in its generating units I and II will keep them from resuming operation in the short term as planned, or when they’ll be reconnected to the national power grid (SENI).

“The Itabo company’s technical report indicates that the plant Itabo II began its synchronization as announced yesterday, but during the boot process went offline on the generator’s grounding problems higher than initially estimated,” Itabo said in a statement.

Is said the Itabo I-unit, taken offline for scheduled maintenance to fix a leak in the seawater condenser on June 16, has vibrations in its turbine and the date to resume operation has yet to be determined. “To solve these problems the company has assigned a local experts and international technicians who’ve arrived from the unit’s manufacturer.”

It adds that the two coal-fired generators supply 260 megawatts to the grid and contribute to the stability of the South region’s network, which in the last few has been subjected to blackouts as long as six hours even in upscale sectors such as Bella Vista, Miradur Sur and Los Cacicazgos.

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