Local June 26, 2012 | 11:11 am

Many opinions, no solutions to major lake’s unchecked encroachment

BARAHONA, Dominican Republic. – Former Barahona Ecological Society (Soeba) president Manolo Sanchez slammed the many investigations by institutions and universities research on Lake Enriquillo’s expansion, because none of them has found what the cause is.

The agronomist said despite the more than two years since Enriquillo’s encroachment began, no one has stated what’s at the root of the problem. "All universities have proposed and created commissions, but not one research means has clearly and accurately stated in a conclusive manner that the lake is growing because of this or that."

He said the lack of a real proposal has led to inaction from the Government, for the search of possible solutions to the problem which the Caribbean’s biggest lake poses to farmers and cattle ranchers in Bahoruco and Independencia provinces.

Sanchez said the government must seek help from UN agencies to conduct wide ranging research with the tools to scientifically determine what’s really behind Enriquillo’s flooding. "Once the cause is known, then make the proposals to solve the problem."

Speaking on Enriquillo radio 93.7 FM, the environmentalist added that despite having government agencies which should deal with ecological, hydrological and geological issues, "we’re the target pf pity and shame because we’ve yet to solve Enriquillo’s problem.”


Although several experts have separately blamed the lake’s expansion on influences ranging from geologic faults to the effects of El Niño, none of the studies have cited the deforestation of Enriquillo’s entire basin, which has been occurring since the 1980s.

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