Local July 9, 2012 | 4:54 pm

Deputy slams Dominican Republic’s “out of control” guns

NEW YORK. – Deputy Minou Tavarez Mirabal on Monday railed against what she calls the out of control possession of weapons in the Dominican Republic, and says it has a direct effect on society’s vulnerable; children and women.

Nonetheless the ruling PLD party lawmaker said the government is currently implementing “responsible policies” on gun control and noted that the lack of clear international legislation has contributed to the trafficking and accumulation of weapons, which in her view is still one of the key hurdles to sustainable development, prevention and resolution of conflicts.

Speaking in the UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, the lawmaker stressed that her country’s laws are strict against the possession and smuggling of all kinds of weapons.

"The national gun control system has effective procedures when issuing import permits, and a responsible policy in the field of arms control, these initiatives stem from our own recognition that inappropriately regulated weapons contribute to the current conditions of violence and instability which adversely affect the economic and social development of our peoples," Tavarez said.

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