Local July 19, 2012 | 11:56 am

Surgeons perform Dominican Republic’s 1st heart transplant

SANTO DOMINGO .- Dominican Republic medicine reached a milestone a Wednesday when team of surgeons conducted the first heart transplant in the Cedimat medical center, its director Julio A. Castaños Guzman announced Thursday .

The procedure performed on 22 year old patient Estefani Moreno Vargas, mother of two children, used the classic Shumway type technique, and according to doctors who attended her, the recipient is doing well.

The patient was admitted to the center several days ago to await the transplant, conducted by a medical team of 25, including 16 specialists.

The donor’s age was similar to that of the uninsured patient, for whom Cedimat assumed the estimated RD$1.5 million total cost for the 4- hour operation.

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