Local August 23, 2012 | 7:42 am

Beleaguered senator says he didn’t commit any crime

Santo Domingo.- Senator Felix Bautista Wednesday said an extensive investigation summarized in a 93-page court document found that he didn’t commit any crime against the state and, for that reason, the Justice Ministry’s Anti-Corruption Department (DPCA) dropped the charges against him.

He said the allegations and complaints were lodged in the context of the May 20 electoral campaign and that evidence was never filed to show any criminal responsibility.

On August 13 the DPCA issued affidavit no. 03093, which definitively filed the complaints by the opposition PRD party, civil society and some media organizations on alleged corruption committed by the senator from San Juan de la Maguana.

Before that the civic group Dominican Anti-Corruption Alliance (Adocco) filed a challenge in the Supreme Court against the DPCA’s opinion.

Bautista said before making the decision the DPCA analyzed 17 points of the complaints from the PRD, the journalist Nuria Piera, the outlet Acento.com, ADDOCO, the attorneys grouped in the CONA, and the complaint filed by Josefina Juan de Pichardo, Juan Tomas Taveras and Rafael Percival Peña.

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