Local August 28, 2012 | 4:41 pm

On U.S.’ highway crime warning, officials grin and bear it

Santo Domingo.- Interior and Police minister Jose R. Fadul on Tuesday called a positive and important complaint the U.S. Embassy’s warning issued to its citizens visiting or residing in the country on armed robberies during evening hours reported on the Duarte highway.

Fadul said the country’s authorities value the statement because they’re aware that the country isn’t completely free of crime.

He said security will be enhanced up to Villa Altagracia where the US Embassy notes the occurrence of highway robberies. He affirmed that patrols would be increased and those crimes in that area will be investigated.

Police chief Jose Polanco said long before the embassy alert his department has been working to prevent such actions in that area and in Bonao.

Fadul and Polanco agreed that crime is not just this country’s problem, but the world’s. "We are fortunate that we don’t figure among the analyzes conducted of the world’s most violent cities," Fadul said.

The officials spoke after meeting with Presidency Chief of staff Gustavo Montalvo, and other members of the Police Reform Commission created by resident Danilo Medina in last week’s Cabinet meeting.

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