Local September 11, 2012 | 12:02 pm

Two highway robbers killed; cases prompted U.S. warning

Santo Domingo.- Police agents shot and killed two of four men sought for assaulting passengers departing from Las Americas International Airport (AILA), in cases which spurred a travelers warning by the U.S. Embassy.

The bodies of deceased, identified as Walys Garcia Lopez, 32 and Johanser Arias Martinez, 26, were taken to the morgue at Dario Contreras hospital, said police spokesman Diego Pesqueira,

He said teh agents seized a Mitsubishi Montero SUV, three pistols and travel documents.

A couple claiming to be the victims of the alleged assailants after leaving the AILA arrived at the scene Tuesday morning.

Yamilka Castillo, 31 and the American Walter Gregory Lewis, 46 told Police they were assaulted around 4am when they arrived at their residence at Cerros de Villa Mella.

Although the assault occurred in Villa Mella, the confrontation with police began at La Ureña, on Las Americas Highway.

The couple said the four attackers stole four suitcases, a bag, 4,000 dollars in cash and jewelery, two of which are still at large.

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