Local September 27, 2012 | 8:22 am

High Court ruling reveals slew of lawmakers’ “advisers”

Santo Domingo.- In compliance with the Constitutional Court ruling to provide the list of advisers to any citizen who requests it, the Chamber of Deputies released their names, their work and their salaries, in some cases as high as RD$50,000 per month.

The list is available on the lower Chamber’s website, as requested by the citizen Manuel Muñoz.

Among the higher salaries figure the advisers:Rafael Gonzalez Tirado, RD$35,000; Rosario Bello Valerio, RD$21,562.50; Tulio Perez Tejada RD$21,490.63; José Abigail Cruz Infante, RD$33,062.50; Felix Perdomo Figueroa, RD$33,062.50, and Ivan Rodriguez Batista, RD$50,600;

Also Tomás Hernández Guzmán, RD$44,000.00; Marcos Cruz Garcia, RD$ 44,000.00; Carlos Santos Duran, RD$35,000; Jesus Pichardo Urena, RD$29,000, and Desiree del Rosario Sosa, RD$30,000,

Some of the advisors had petitioned the Supreme Court not to hand over their personal information to the applicant, claiming that their names are sensitive personal data that should be respected.

For its part the lower Chamber had cited the Supreme Court’s consecutive rulings since February and countless international jurisprudence, not to hand over that data.

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